"The Diamond Compendium is a well-researched and comprehensive book examining virtually every aspect of the fascinating world of diamond. The book takes the reader through a detailed review of origin and geological occurrence, geographical sources, crystallography, mining and marketing to cut styles, famous diamonds and diamond quality factors. High tech diamond treatments and synthetics are also discussed in detail as are other topics.

Handsomely illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs and line drawings the text is presented in a manner that engages the reader by presenting complex scientific concepts in an understandable voice. This is particularly important when considering the diversity of the information presented; and the length of the volume, which numbers more than 890 pages.

Make no mistake about it this is a technical reference textbook. Yet it does not read like one. In chapter nine, Manufacturing, the author covers the cutting process from the early techniques to the modern period’s use of computer aided rough planning technology. The cutting process is explained and notable diamond cutters are recognized. The section “World Industry” introduces the reader to many manufacturing market centers in the world. I learned a great deal about some of the ancillary markets discussed in this chapter.

Likewise, the chapter on Cut Styles takes the reader through the early efforts at fashioning rough through more obscure terms such as the “Hogback”, while tracing the process forward to the contemporary branded variants of the modern round brilliant. Anyone with an interest in the evolution of diamond cut will find much of interest here.

Ms. Cunningham also explores diamond grading and grading systems in detail balancing trade techniques and more formal laboratory practices. A chapter is dedicated to each: colour, clarity and cut. The author relates the major international grading systems to the GIA system, a useful tool for appraisers and dealers

The Diamond Compendium is a valuable resource that places a tremendous amount of relevant information in one reference book. Ms. Cunningham has produced a serious reference work that holds something for gemology students and experienced diamondaires alike.

The Diamond Compendium is destined to be recognized as the authoritative work on the subject. As such, it is highly recommended."

Stuart M. Robertson, GG
“The Gem Guide”, GemWorld International

"As someone who still refers to his copy of Eric Bruton’s Diamonds when preparing notes for teaching the GAA’s Diamond Technology class, I was excited to find a new reference book on diamonds, The Diamond Compendium by DeeDee Cunningham.

The 888 page tome, published in 2011, contains over 350 colour images and diagrams in a very thorough and detailed description on the subject.

Opening with the origin, occurrence and genesis of diamond, the book details the supply chain through mining, recovery, cutting, manufacturing and the diamond market. There are also chapters covering properties, causes of colour, diamond grading for clarity, colour and cut, identification, simulants, treatments and synthetics.

Written in a simple easy to understand style but challenging even the most experienced diamond fanatic with up to date and relevant information this book should be the first (or next!) diamond reference book to find its way onto your shelf.

If you are a Diamond Technology student with the GAA this book will be an invaluable resource as it compiles almost the entire curriculum in one reference.

DeeDee has spent five years researching and writing The Diamond Compendium and it is obvious to the reader that it would have been a full time job over that period.

Though written in a thoughtful and logical order that could be read from start to finish, it is more likely that you will flip through the contents or index to find the information you desire."

Chris Holdsworth
Instructor, Diamond Technology – The Gemmological Association of Australia

"The Diamond Compendium by DeeDee Cunningham covers the subject of diamonds in all its varied phases. From the origins of diamonds, crystallography, mining, manufacturing, colour, clarity, cut, simulants, diamond treatments, synthetics, and many more informative areas on the topic of diamonds.

This book is well written and easy to understand both by the layman and the professional. The photographs and diagrams are both excellent and serve to add clarity to the written explanations. It is an excellent source of reference and a must for any personal and professional library.

Ms. Cunningham holds professional diamond and gemology diplomas from England and Canada. She is the recipient of multiple distinctions from various levels in the diamond industry. Her knowledge and understanding of her subject matter in The Diamond Compendium is second to none.

The price tag would at first seem expensive but as you review the contents and scope of the material covered, you come realize that this book is sold at a bargain price."

Nizam Peters
American Institute of Diamond Cutting

"The first thing I do when I pick a new book (with the thought of actually purchasing) is to scan the Table of Contents and then the Index. I look for notes, quotes, further references, addendums and epilogues – I want to see the depth and breadth of the research. Yes, I am very picky.

Remember in GG school the 1978 diamond bible, Eric Bruton’s “Diamonds”? Well, this is the updated version. We are introduced to every aspect of diamond studies: mining and geology, sources, cutting, treatments, grading, fancy colour, fancy shapes, synthetics and substitutes, inclusions and on and on and on. This is one-stop shopping as a valuable reference because it not only covers each section well, but it also makes one want to study further. The reading references will serve you well there.

There are many pictures, formulae, definitions – all of which make the book an easy read even when it seems quite technical. Meticulously compiled, containing 20 chapters, more than 200 colour photographs, 150 illustrations and easy reference tables and charts, The Diamond Compendium is the most thorough, absorbing and comprehensive book on the current market.

Howard and I consider this book a welcome addition to our library and one which will be used often."

Howard Rubin GG and Gail Levine GG
National Association of Jewelery Appraisers

"Impressive! Very Impressive! DeeDee Cunningham really put a lot of effort into making certain that this reference book covers every possible topic related to diamonds. The Diamond Compendium will be one of my closest diamond reference books."

Gary Roskin, GG
The Roskin Gem News Report

"This is a hard cover, heavy tome of nearly 900 pages printed on good quality paper with many pertinent illustrations. It is a very good book crammed with accurate and useful information about diamond, including origin, crystallography, global occurrences, exploration and mining, cutting and polishing, grading and identification. It also discusses simulants and man-made diamonds. It is not written as a story to be read from cover to cover, but as a reference work with a fully descriptive gemmological text to be consulted for its specific topics, some of which are explored in greater scientific depth. The book contains 20 chapters divided into many sections discussing and explaining all aspects of diamonds from physical properties to mining methods and recovery in a plant, including descriptions of techniques, equipment and instruments used in measuring the properties of diamonds. The author took great care in presenting the correct terms for everything discussed. For instance she explains the different meaning of form and habit and why lonsdaleite is not a kind of diamond (type III diamond) but a different mineral. The chapter on colour discusses extensively the perception of colour while other chapters discuss colour enhancement treatments and recutting to enhance brilliance. The chapters on identification of natural diamond, simulants and synthetic diamond are very good. The wide range of topics discussed in this book makes it an eminent textbook and a handbook with practical tips for use in gemmology and in specific diamond courses and it could be considered the 'definitive' reference book on diamond."

A.J.A (Bram) Janse
Archon Exploration

"The Diamond Compendium" has been long in coming and was worth the wait. "Compendium" can be defined as a comprehensive compilation of a body of knowledge. This book with almost 900 pages, over 200 colour photographs and 150 illustrations and tables, more than qualifies as a comprehensive information source for Diamonds and all aspects of the diamond industry.

The subject of Diamonds is complex, diverse and evolving. The Diamond Compendium is written from a technical perspective but in language and format easily understood. When I was studying Gemmology with the Canadian Gemmological Association one of the required texts was the massive book from Robert Webster called "Gems". We referred to it as the Bible of Gemmology. "The Diamond Compendium" is in the same category. This is a must have book if you are in any way interested or involved in this fascinating Global Diamond Industry. The author deserves accolades from her peers for the effort it took to complete such a project as this. "The Diamond Compendium" is a resource that should become mandatory reading for those interested in the earth sciences and particularly Gemmology."

Helmut Koenig, FCGmA
Former Instructor – Canadian Gemmological Association