Diamond is a facinating subject. Sought after, fought over, lied for, hoarded, hidden, stolen and coveted, diamonds remain one of mankind's greatest obsessions. Diamond represents the most concentrated form of wealth on the planet, the hardest known natural substance and a means to unprecidented achievements in high-tech arenas never dreamed possible.

It is safe to say that at one time or another everyone has had a question about diamond: Is diamond a good investment? What should I look for when I buy a diamond? How do I know my appraisal is accurate and what do the terms mean? Can diamond be scratched or broken? How do you distinguish diamond from imitations? What is the rarest diamond worth? Is it true that 5 tonnes of ore must be mined in order to recover a single carat of diamonds? What makes a diamond sparkle? Is there any material difference between Russian, Canadian and South African diamonds? What do diamonds look like before they are cut? There are thousands of questions and contained within the covers of this book are the answers to those questions.

Recent publicity surrounding the extrordinary prices of fancy colour diamonds, sometimes in excess of $1 million per carat, and the resulting controversies caused by the commercialization of synthetic diamond and the newest most advanced diamond treatments, including HPHT, laser drilling, and fracture filling have made it hard to escape the conclusion that the diamond world is changing. Covering every aspect of diamonds from their origin and properties, through mining, the four Cs of grading and marketing, to modern high-tech treatments, fancy coloured diamonds and synthetics, The Diamond Compendium presents the body of diamond knowledge in an understandable way. Equally as effective as a topical quick reference or as a cover-to-cover read, whether you are using this book to prepare for formal examinations, learn the facts about purchasing diamonds, gain customer confidence through increased knowledge, understand the trade or simply to satisfy your curiosity, this is the single most important diamond reference since the 1978 edition of Eric Bruton's Diamonds.

Meticulously compiled, containing 20 chapters, over 200 colour photographs, 150 illustrations and easy reference tables and charts, The Diamond Compendium is the most thorough, absorbing and comprehensive book on the market.